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Joe knew from the time he picked up a camera at age 9 that he never wanted to put it down, and has been creating ever since. After graduating with a film degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead, he began building his professional career doing what he loves: filmmaking. This includes short films, commercial work, feature films, music videos, campaigns, and capturing some of the most special moments in people’s lives. His short films have been played at festivals and showcases around the country. His passion, creativity, and ability to translate emotion through film and images truly set him apart as a storyteller. Those who work with Joe feel at ease knowing that they are in the hands of a thoughtful and experienced collaborator, who is dedicated to bringing each client’s vision to life.

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BTS of Hair-Trigger. Photo by Jenna Kluting.

Photo by Kendall Weber

"In Summer of 2019, myself and fellow collaborators Steven Warkel and Brady Halverson, embarked on our most difficult and daunting challenge yet: a feature film. With Steven at the helm writing and directing the piece (Hair-Trigger), and Brady taking on the role of producer, I assumed the position of Director of Photography, and then co-editor in the post-production process. Backed by an amazing crew of friends we had made in film school, and a budget that would be considered 'no budget' in Hollywood, we were able to pull off something that we're all incredibly proud of. 

It was by far the biggest learning experience of all of our careers. We were no doubt limited by resources and budget, but, by remembering that THIS is why we went to school and by keeping the childhood charm of storytelling in the back of our minds, we were reminded time and time again that every setback was another learning moment to overcome. After months of pre-production and a grueling 17 day shoot, we arrived at the finish line. This film is truly a feat of what I try to live by: if you love making films, GO MAKE FILMS. Don't wait for the million dollar budget, don't wait for permission, just grab what you have at your disposal and SHOOT. Currently 'Hair-Trigger' is in the final stages of post-production. I can't wait to share it with all of you."     



(Above 3) BTS of Hair-Trigger. Photos by Jenna Kluting.



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